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Defense of Domestic Violence Accusations

Protection Orders

Any accusation made by a spouse or anyone with whom you have been intimate is designated as "domestic violence." In addition to the penalties provided for the domestic violence offense itself, the law requires additional consequences upon a conviction of domestic violence. Completion of a 36-week Domestic Violence Anger Management Class is required ($1,600), one year of supervised probation ($600), no alcohol, no firearms and random urine analyses are also ordered by the Judge. Incarceration may also be a threat.

Unfortunately, the law treats all domestic violence accusations the same, which is not fair or appropriate. It becomes important to consider the alternatives, such as couple counseling and other factors that may be involved such as alcohol, family tensions and money problems. To minimize the legal consequences of domestic violence, I seek to convince the prosecutor that the real problem has been addressed and there is no reason to believe that domestic violence will ever occur again.

People in a relationship can have arguments that sometimes result in regrettable words and behavior. Often the conduct is mutual but a police officer must make a decision, usually after the incident, to arrest the person accused as being "responsible of domestic violence." Angry people often exaggerate or say things they don't mean or are simply untrue. I will educate the prosecutor and Judge of the truth and obtain a dismissal of the domestic violence charge or an appropriate and fair disposition.

Upon your arrest for a domestic violence offense, a Protection Order is issued to prevent any communications with the alleged victim (spouse or partner). Communication with all witnesses is critical as well as a complete investigation of the circumstances and conduct of both parties. Police reports of domestic violence are usually based on prejudice, hurt feelings and hearsay information. I believe that a successful domestic violence defense is often delivered by the whole truth.

You must act quickly to respond to the Protection Order, obtain accurate statements and minimize the upheaval and consequences in your life caused by an accusation of domestic violence.

Of course, all information regarding the relationship will be strictly confidential.

To minimize the consequences of domestic violence and gain control of your life again, call me now (970-871-7400).

Protection Order Defense

"Angry people often exaggerate or say things they don't mean or are simply untrue. The defense attorney must educate the prosecutor and Judge of the truth and obtain a dismissal of the charge or an appropriate and fair disposition. "

       -- Larry D. Combs

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Attorney Larry D. Combs provides defense for domestic violence accusations within the 14th judicial district which includes Routt County, Moffat County, and Grand County Colorado. This includes the municipalities of Steamboat Springs, Craig, Hot Sulphur Springs, Oak Creek, and Hayden.


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